Paints for Floors with Colors

Product can be applied in a widely circulated local.

The garage floors, sidewalks, parking lots and balconies get a new look by applying coatings to floors, available in acrylic version. Being durable, the product can be applied in places of great circulation. Here you will find wide range of paints in green, white, concrete, blue, red, among others.

With packaging 3.6 liters to 18 liters, acrylic products are available in matte finishes and semi gloss. Great to disguise imperfections, the first option ensures a uniform appearance to the areas. Since the semi gloss version helps to hide small defects of the floor and presents good resistance to washing.

When choosing your product, keep an eye if the odor is medium or low. Especially if there are children on site, choose the version unscented to avoid nasal irritation. After pay attention to such care, just get right now your ink, found at the lowest price in the market. Check it!

How to Use

Before applying the paint to floor, read the manufacturer’s instructions. Beforehand, we anticipate that the product must be diluted in water and generally is recommended to apply two coats.

Surface preparation is also an important step for the application of paint. To do so, clean the floor and sand it to remove dirt and particles. If there is mold in the area, it is recommended to wash it with bleach and pure water mixed. After cleaning, wait for the site to dry and apply the paint. An important tip: if splashing raindrops on the freshly painted floor, wash all surfaces to prevent staining.

When Cleaning the Floor on a Daily Basis

Remember to use only mild soap and water. Solvents and other chemicals should be avoided as they can damage the paint. Be aware of also the way of cleaning. The ideal is not to scrub the floor with great force to prevent wear or paint removal.