Paints for Newly Plastered Walls

With them, you guarantee perfect finish on walls and ceilings.

Just as there are different materials such as wood, plastic, metal, there are different inks for the correct finishing of the surfaces and parts. Suitable for indoor, paints for plaster and drywall enable quick drying paints and good grip on the surface.

This product presents another important advantage: a fixing small particles found in these types of materials, which improves finish. To achieve perfection in the paint, however, other secrets, such as surface preparation prior to application. It is recommended that the wall or ceiling are free from dirt, dust and any other residue such as old paints. Ideally sanding the area to leave it smooth and no particles.

Aware of the different needs of its customers, we offer for you to paint to plaster and paint to drywall with containers up to 20 liters. Products are found in acrylic version (high impermeability option) or latex (paint easy to apply and cost-effective). Both are a must with prices that only offers. Check and great shopping!

Advantages of Drywall

The drywall walls are plasterboard bolted on a galvanized steel structure. This type of dry construction replaces traditional masonry walls (except structural) in residential or commercial construction. Its main advantages are the rapid installation and the possibility of cleaner works, since the steps least accumulate debris, if compared to common methods. By choosing the drywall walls, you will also have the advantage of saving space, since the structures are finer.

We Opted for Plaster?

Then know that you made ​​a great choice for the finishings of the rooms. Ceilings lined with plaster allow the installation of downlights, which ensures warm light. Learn more about how to install recessed spots.