Personalized Photo Clock Gifts

For those who follow the page Facebook Testinaute @ Home , here is the answer to the small bonus game that gave you a hard time! Customizable object which I will talk about today is a clock!!

If I listened to myself, I will put in all the rooms of the house, to always know the time without having to search everywhere! Well, I know, the watch exactly used to this… but I’m a little rebellious, and I never wear! So when Personello contacted me to test one of their product, I immediately chose the camera wall clock for kitchen decoration.

Personello is a personalized gifts site: Mug, cushion, and most unusual figurine, Christmas ball, cutting board, Snowball… and Clock!

I originally wanted to create this clock to decorate the MiniMiss chamber by putting a picture of her favorite stuffed animals. But she leaves almost never unattended. And the day I’ve tried, I failed to make a proper picture. So I searched among the 2,521,214 clichés existing MiniMiss to find THE good photo.The hard part is to find a focused (to provide the square format) without being able to preview the time of order.

No problem for my picture, a picture in Black & White. As I chose this blog does not show you the face of my daughter, difficult to make a picture of the entire clock! So here are a few pieces!

I am very satisfied with the result. The photo is of good quality and has a very good record. The clock comes in kit assembly (without battery). The kit includes several sets of hands (hour, minute, second hand) of different lengths and thicknesses to choose according to his picture. Installation is easy and well explained in the instructions. The time is easily readable. The only criticism inherent in this type of clock, the sound of ticking that must be used. a picture, a family picture can be selected as this example, a landscape, but why not put a picture of your favorite recipe if the clock is for the kitchen, a blanket photo for the children’s room or a photo completely unusual! One thing is certain you will not find her in someone else!


Personello therefore offers the opportunity to earn a clock photo  and customize to your liking.

To do this, just give me the comment link from another Personello customizable gift you would like to receive as gifts.

Each share on social networks or on your blog, you earn an extra chance (thank you for giving me the direct links)

(Mathilde B. won the bonus game on my facebook page 3 extra chances)

Gain: a custom picture clock + postage (value € 24.90). Competition held from 14th to 24th December.Results announced by edict and on the facebook page of the blog. Open only to mainland France. One entry per IP and per household.

EDIT: I extend the contest until January 2 because during the holidays I can not contact my partner.

EDIT 05/01/2013

Thank you for your many interests and patience for the extension of the competition!

This is the comment of 36 Katsissi was drawn! Contact me via the blog form or on my facebook page to give me your email address so I can pass it quickly to the partner.

Personello thank you!