Philips LED Bulb Gu5.3 Cap, 3

Brand: Philips
Socket: Gu5.3 Cap, 3/MR16
Wattage: 3, 4W-5 w-6, 5W
Lifespan: 15-20 years/15-20,000 hours
Color (s): Warm-white light (2700 kelvin as joy bulb)
Dimmable: Only 6, 5W bulb (dimmable bulbs are grey)
Comments: 6 cm Ø5 H4, cm-same size as the plaintext. spot-light bulbs


Why choose LED bulbs from Philips?
-Philips are most advanced in the technology of the LED.
-Have a color exactly as you know from CFLs and incandescent bulbs.
-Light scattering at 36 degrees.
-Warm white light-2700 Kelvin
-RA value 80 +

Philips LED Bulb Gu5.3 Cap, 3

FULL SATISFACTION or money return!
Bulbs can be tested for up to 2 weeks and then delivered the return if you are not satisfied.
Keep in mind, however, that the box must be intact.

The pears are available on wholesaleably at these Wattage:
3, 4W equivalent to 20W-LUMEN: 225
5W/5, 7W equivalent to 35W-LUMEN: 380
6, 5W DIMMABLE equivalent to 35W lumens: 440

GU5.3 Cap, 3 bulb is also called MR16