Pictures of Bathrooms Decorated with Lozenges


  1. Uses and pictures of bathrooms decorated with lozenges
  2. Pictures of bathrooms decorated with lozenges and tips on how to apply

Tablets are on the list of liners used in decoration. Are finishes with a cost a little higher than the traditional pottery and the square meter can reach cost twice the porcelain, so are used mostly as a complement of a decoration and not as complete coating. Knowing use in several spaces of the house is cool. One of the uses increasingly on the agenda is the bathrooms decorated with inserts for interior projects.

In case you haven’t seen the gum before, will know just by looking at the photos and description. Are small squares that look like a piece of toy assembly and together, they can form designs or just separate wall with ceramic-coated mortar or tile. Are made from many different materials and that changes their price enough. The cost of a trip underground bathroom can go from R$7 to more than R$200. Can be made of granite, glass and other materials.

Uses and Pictures of Bathrooms Decorated with Lozenges

In the bathroom the most diverse proposals are possible in your interior design, but it is necessary to study calmly how do. The interior designers point the use in the bathroom, but not punctual as only on the main wall to differentiate in color, half and half (half and half tile gum) or as a wall divider and tile.

As for pills every shade and style, study which fits best in your project. The dual black and white for modern bathrooms and mirrored looks great. If a double bathroom, neutral colors such as white and red wine for a visual romantic are right dear.

An important tip: If your bathroom has tile designs and prints, look for neutral colors or a tone just the pills. The excess of color in a small environment cause nuisance and doesn’t look good.

Pictures of Bathrooms Decorated with Lozenges and Tips on How to Apply

Unfortunately this is not the materials easier to apply because when the dough or glue used is not in the right spot, the loose gum. Hiring a professional is more indicated that trying to put on his own.

You need to respect the application period without water for 24 to 48 hours. The longer the better the fence be okay and nothing to apply before the grout to fill in the gaps between a tablet and another. Wait for the item to be secure in your wall or floor and then you apply the product. Fast drying or accelerate the drying process can decrease the life of the product.

Washing and maintenance do not have very secret, but is indicated using soap and water only and specific products for pills. Abrasive common household cleaning items can remove the color. The inserts are as durable as ceramic or tile, but with the right maintenance. As well as the products mentioned, if you use abrasives and kitchen items such as cleansers for cleaning, you can remove the color on long term or remove the shine.