Plants of Modern Houses

Hello, today we know of six houses in brazil, its architects, and the information about the projects, are homes that were designed and built in the last 10 years, between 2005 and 2015, are not part of the modernist architecture, but rather from the contemporary architecture proposed by the current architects of Brazil.

Plants of Modern Houses

And because plants of modern houses made by brazilian architects? As brazilian architects make great projects that do not fall short in comparison with the architects international. In Brazil, we have great architects and architectural firms that know more than anyone else in the regional climate, the local culture and the laws that establish the parameters of construction in Brazil.

Remembering that each architectural project is unique, each plant was conceived from a study of the needs of the residents, the environmental conditions of the site and of course of the laws in force at the local, state and national in order to enable the registration of the property and offer the residents comfortable spaces to live.

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Modern House 01

House BLM – ATRIA Architects

The house BLM is a project of 2015 of the company ATRIA Architects, located in Brasilia. The project defined by the client should contain a library to house his collection of about 5 thousand copies of books, space, cultural studies and literary gatherings was a sector of great importance in the design of the house BLM.

Another important issue was the preservation of the trees of the terrain, typical species of the cerrado that have established a condition for the volume architectural proposed, and that, instead of being a barrier, the trees became the attractions to the aesthetic of the house, being the louder volumes.

The house BLM designed by ATRIA has managed to develop into a plant simple, one floor, with volumes that are pure and a few finishing materials, but won an aesthetic refinement by the use of textures, rhythm, shadow and light that transformed a drawing of the house apparently is a simple project beautiful from the point of view, formal and functional.

Are nearly 650 m2 of construction, of these the library occupies 250 m2 and is entirely covered by panels of corten steel perforated (steel or patinável perforated), these panels ensure protection from direct sunlight which could damage the books.

This volume, which includes library, office and a full length mirror, connects to the rest of the house through a concrete slab apparent with glass walls retractable that can be fully opened, connecting the living room and dining room to the garden.

At the other end of the plant is the intimate part of the house: 3 rooms with private bathrooms and a tv room. Parallel to the library is the volume of the garage and services, with the kitchen, dependency of employee, laundry and pantry.

The coating materials of the house have been chosen based on low maintenance, as it does not require painting and at the same time are the materials that remain beautiful when you age.

Modern House 02

Home Pepiguari – Brazil Architecture

The next house is a project that is well-conceptual, a house located in São Paulo, called Pepiguari project 2013 the company’s Brazilian Architecture.

The central idea of the project was the simplicity expressed in the use of the materials and in the distribution of the spaces, so if you opted to use materials apparent or with simple finishes, such as reinforced concrete, the frame in corten steel and glass, of brick, coated with mortar and finish just with the lime.

Many of the pipes were kept apparent with painting in red and green, the water tanks, and condenser are also exposed, creating a visual appeal industrial.

Modern House 03

Home Gardens – CR2 Architecture

The third house modernacasa brazilian is located in São Paulo, completed in 2013 by the company CR2 Architecture.

The house is inserted in the midst of many residential buildings of large size, in an area well urbanized city, but the architects knew how to bring the green to the project through the small gardens that permeate the environments, creating views that are interesting to the external area.

This is a townhouse with two floors and three rooms on the ground floor the plant is linear, the living room, dining room and gourmet kitchen are integrated, and are fully open to the garden side.

The projections of the upper floor form the areas of the covered parking garage and a dining area outside. Us funds a deposit, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom of employees.

On the upper floor two bedrooms with private bathrooms in the front part, the movement along with an intimate dining room in the central portion and in the back of the plant a large office with a master suite with walk-in closet and a bathroom to the bed.

The office has access to a large terrace covered with pergolas of wood, from the terrace you have view to the gardens side.

On the upper floor the project also has flower boxes in the height of the floor that provide privacy to the residents of the residence.

It is design simple, functional and very stylish, with good use of terrain, the distribution and relationship between the spaces.

Modern House 04

House Plateau– FC Studio

The previous house was relatively small, with the characteristic of isolating themselves from the external environment and open to an interior garden, where the environments are open, having a permeability between the internal environment and the external of the residence.

The fourth house is huge, with almost 600 m2 is located in Planalto Paulista, and also has the same proposal, a large private area that connects with the garden through wide openings glazed.

Creating plants overlapping which make the terraces usable, or open areas and covered that turn into car parking areas, leisure and external.

It is the proposal of contemporary architecture, the maximum use of spaces, rooms integrated with no partitions, and the private garden of contemplation and leisure, these new model homes are the fruits of modernist architecture, of the 5 points of modern architecture Le Corbusier: Façade-Free; Ribbon Windows; Pilotis; Plant Free; Terrace and Garden.

Where at that time the architect has innovated by designing a house that the structure was independent of the façade, then the façade was entirely free, because already it was not part of the structure, allowing large windows and slabs on stilts.

The terrace garden was more a contribution of the French architect, which has the trend that is very used today.