Purchase Online at Amazon Ikea Furniture

Do I has given you many times sloth make the whole journey of Ikea stores to buy a product that already know beforehand but could not buy in the shortcuts that Swedes prepare? I myself have lost long time in the aisles of Ikea in search of that pillow or that complement of kitchen even though I didn’t want to look at anything else, by which I’ve cheered to learn that you can buy Ikea items in the Amazon store.

The “ but ” of this good news is that at the moment, the giant Swedish furniture only you can buy in the United States Amazon store, but I imagine that if you do well you will soon arrive in our country. As in other products, it is possible to acquire both new furniture as second hand for a little less money so all are advantages, even if you are those who want to leave the sofa that you not already merged or those coasters that bored I.

One of the drawbacks is that furniture prices, to the not be sold directly by Ikea, they are a little higher than in the shops, even in countries where Swedish online shop shipping costs offset more than their cheap prices since they tend to be quite high. I would be that Yes would use this service if you are in Spain, and you?