Recipes for This Live Christmas on The Palate

The tragic story of the perfectionist Vatel, master of ceremonies I love first of Fouquet, then Prince Luis II, Duke of Bourbon in the France of the 17TH century.

Not only chose the menus, He organized the provisioning and monitoring the preparation of the dishes, also decided the provision and decoration of tables and lounges, It orquestaba the tasks of service personnel and chose the attraction for the guests. Vatel was first and foremost a master of ceremonies, aware of the importance of their work and innovator in the art of receiving and entertaining.

We are not going to organize parties for three days and three nights, nor will kill us because not get the fish, but we are also aware of the important connection between gastronomy and decor, especially on such dates as the Christmas approaching.

What I tell you all this? So just to warn you that our colleagues from Directo Al Paladar are publishing an interesting Christmas special, which as always they talk about tips, tricks, and traditional recipes, but this year with particular emphasis on those cheaper, that will make us look like a real Prince with minimum investment.

We are sure that makes an excellent partner with our special decorate at Christmas, so we especially recommend that you not miss either of them if you want to claim to be the best host this Christmas.