Recycle Plastic to Create New Projects

Surely we have at home a lot of cans, bottles and containers… plastic which we do not know what to do with them. Before throwing them in the trash you do a review of the ideas more cool that we have found on the internet.

We started making dummy detergent bottle. We just need a sandpaper, paper, glue and paint. We passed the sandpaper and stick the paper to create a layer above the plastic. Let dry. We give another layer of glue and dry once decorated with painting. You can see more projects on our blog.

Painting plastic
If you have questions about how to paint plastic, we bring you a video tutorial which explains how to paint on this material using spray, brush and dyed wax. If you don’t want to miss any of our video tutorials, you can subscribe to our Youtube Channel: here.

Watch with plastic spoons
Since Thats What Che Said they proposed mounting a relog Chrysanthemum-shaped using plastic spoons. We cut a wood or cardboard in a circular motion and we are sticking spoons imitating the petals.

Pots with recycled bottles
We explain how to recycle plastic bottles in a video tutorial at WATERBOTTLESSHOP.COM. Simply cut the base and do unoa holes on the sides to hang our new pots.

Infant toy
In witty, they propose to recycle colors plugs to create a child toy.We make a hole to cap and join with a rope.

For the kitchen
On how to organize the House proposed us cut bottles and make us a portaesponjas to have it always at hand in the sink.

Recycled flowers
In craft artisans, they propose to recycle bottles to make us some flowers. We have to trim parts, glue and paint.

Another type of flowers made with wire and spoons found in Colonnade.