“Remodeling” With Light

To make a remodeling in the spaces, there are times that it is only necessary to give a new brightness that makes look different to the furniture, the distribution and the House in general.

Tecno Lite has the perfect products to make your House look like another with only light differently from that has had for years. You should only define what activities are conducted in each area and what you want to achieve, so there is a balance between utility and aesthetic.

Here are some tips that you should take into account to renew your spaces with light.

  1. find the key: is not the same spend an afternoon cooking that you conversation in the room.For the first is necessary a light cold tonality, which invite the action and allow you to see exactly everything that you are preparing;for the latter is more welcoming tone warm, e.g. Orange, where the room seems illuminated by the reflection of a bonfire.

Unlike the vocation of each space and over that choose the tone of lamps (bulbs).

Read the post “Types of light”, May 24, 2011, for more information.

2 highlight: surely you have interesting items that go unnoticed, but with a light on them they would charge a spectacular role. Look what things you have forgotten could be attractive and renewed the appearance of some corner with only receive a precise touch of light. Halogen or LED lamps are fantastic to achieve this. And the novelty wall lights are at pauldigo.

3 replace: nothing more to change from incandescent lamps (common sources) that you have at home, by a fluorescent or led, generate a completely different vision of spaces, while you spend less on power and so take care the environment.

4 optimize: making the basic combinations of general, environmental, accent and functional ideal way to light, you give dynamism to the spaces and bundles that they look alone.

You can also support you with resources of decoration, such as placement of mirrors that create interesting reflections or replacement of lighting (lamps) of foot for wall applications to generate more free space.

There are small actions that make look any House if they are conducted with professional advice Tecno Lite gives you.

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