Simulator of Bruguer Environments

I love the virtual artists, they give me the opportunity to play to combine colors in-room dream, try contrasts new, see which tones trend each season and dream of spaces where ever I live… or maybe Yes. Today I’ve been testing the of Bruguer, they have a website very renovated with lots of services and utilities that I liked enough.

I’ve focused my attention especially in the Simulator environments, as only downside is that we can not upload your own photos, but we have to do tests with images stays model, it is true that this happens with the majority of simulators online and this has a lot of rooms several to choose from, it is possible that even encotremos a similar to ours.

That’s the first thing we need to do once inside the Simulator, choose the type of room, living room, bedroom, dining room, hallway… And then the image on which we want to work from which the application offers us, I’ve opted for a bedroom attic, the truth is that the shape of the room resembles the of mine, though not the distribution of furniture.

Can try with several, to the end and after the is is of see as left them colors, ceiling, walls, baseboards, furniture, textile… Everything is likely to be colored and changing several times, we can try all the combinations that you want, the level of customization becomes rather high and really simple to use program.

To work with colors, first we must choose one range color, neutral, cold, warm, intense Orange, red, blue… Immediately displayed the palette that we have selected with all their ringtones, then we have to go by choosing color color and drag over the area that you want to color, the functioning of the application is therefore very intuitive.

If we don’t like the result, simply with Drag other color on the previous one to change it, we also have below the display image buttons to undo or to make Zoom in the photo if you want to see some area specific with more detail.

Each furniture colored separately, also each Wall, by what can paint the entire room the same color, choose a wall of different impact, or coloring different each one of them, there are other applications that do not divide in many areas and that limit, therefore, combinations.

If something is misleading us, below the image appears a listing of all the elements that must have been colored and next to each name in the list, the color that we have chosen for it, if we forget about shelves or sockets, which are small, in the photo there we will see that we have no color selected for them.

In addition if the result does not convince us and we do not agree with the choice of no range or palette, we can go by Search by color, It works really well, I’ve tried to write turquoise, that for some was the color of 2010, or even it is, that left him ten days of reign and have quickly released five tones.

That same quest can repeat with all the colors that we want to make a composition of ringtones completely custom and without a script, stating that as of the pallets It has certain advantages, especially for laymen in the matter, because the colors that form them are already combined and avoid that the goal of the leg, are a good help.