Small Shelves with Plastic Bottles

If we count the number of bottles and plastic containers that emptied into a house in a month, sure that would be a few, not to mention that they could put together over a year and some large, especially detergents and fabric softeners for the washing and cleaning products in general and in addition there are many colors is a pity not to reuse them.

Green cleaner, yellow pine of the bleach with a touch of lemon-scented, pink or blue fabric softener, orange or black that unclogs the pipes… seems giving worth to get rid of them so no more, they could be reused, the case is to decide what and I recognize that my I would have never happened is do with them shelves, Although the idea is very simple.

As you can see in the single image there is that cut the bottle in half vertically and place glued or hung on the wall, Obviously gotten shelves are tiny, given to half a dozen small books, a vase of flowers or an alarm clock, but may have its utility and constitute a very original to decorate, especially nowadays as we are beginning to give recycling the importance that it deserves.