Small Single Room Decoration

If you’ve visited our blog sometimes have probably seen that we’ve done a lot of matters with tips and ideas for small environments, since this is the world trend when it comes to apartments or houses built today, especially in urban environments more and more crowded, leaving the square meter most expensive every day.

If you’ve already decorated the rest of the House and so far don’t know how do to decorate the room, we will help you with many ideas and simple tips for you to make a beautiful decoration of single room small!

The room is a place that needs to be cozy and comfortable at the same time you need to have space to hold all our personal things that we or those we want will have access, and unlike the double room, single room only will you say what whether or not in the decoration, so this ends up being the most customizable environment.

How to Decorate a Single Room Small

For starters, the choice of colors for the walls should give preference to clear and soft tones, since this is a relaxing environment, and these colors as we have said in other materials help to give an apparent magnitude in the environment. However if you want you can use brighter colors, but use one or two walls only.

The lighting should be good, and if you’re the type who loves reading in bed a lamp can be used beside the bed for extra comfort. Already thinking in the opposite direction, a blackout in the window is useful to achieve total darkness at bedtime, or to decrease the excessive brightness if the room gets too exposed to the sun, especially in the afternoon.

As the environment is small, the arrangement of furniture is extremely important to take advantage of the space in the best possible way. See first where going to bed, and then think of the other furniture. The closet and nightstand should have light colors, and it’s nice to have another place to sit instead of always use the bed.

If you want to have in a desk or room corner to study or computer but the space is small, a practical idea is to place a bench (with a drawer for those who need a little more space), and for storing books and other objects, the lack of space for a small bookshelf, shelves are very useful!

To be able to use all the space even more useful and not miss any corner as it would be used to open and close the door, put a sliding door or a door fanfold (good quality, of course) is a good idea. Another interesting option to get more space is to have a bed with drawers.

Remember also to choose beautiful bed linen and quality, and a comfortable mattress to make the room more warm and with your face! With these tips you will be able to make a beautiful decoration of small single room and have a super cute and comfortable environment just for you!