Soft Neon: Colors and Decorating Tips with the Trend

2016 is coming and it will be a year with a balance in decorating environments. We have seen here in the website as trends for next year in this sector present a dichotomy between strong and neutral tones and to analyze references from companies such as Pantone, Coral and Suvinil , we realized that the coexistence of pastel tones and brighter shades mark the walls and objects in home interiors, offices and other spaces.

Speaking of balance, one of these trends shows very well that even the most vibrant colors can be softened: the soft neon, softer version of neon colors, is to bring more harmony to those who want to have a decorated environment warm and modern way.

Following a similar line of muted colors, the soft neon arises from the attenuation of the original shades of neon, like lime green, rose pink, turquoise and yellow. So he adds tranquility to your pop style, with a great solution for those who want to escape the bustle and speed of the modern world, but not so much.


For you inspiration, we separated some of the colors of the Spring 2016 Pantone, which brings a palette full of optimism and stability:

Peach Echo

One of the orange family variations, famous among the neon colors and a sign of joy, friendship and good vibes, Peach Echo is a milder version of the wall clock you already like a long time and can bring a quite unique brightness to your environment. It is interesting to welcome your guests in the living room and kitchen.

Limpet Shell

The turquoise is another known color in neon group, and spend a greater seriousness and freshness, combined very well in their soft versions. One of them, Limpet Shell has a tone that ensures a colorful sophisticated and serene to the spaces, as well as providing clean, which is great for children’s bedrooms and bathrooms.

Lilac Gray

Lilac Gray is a very evocative name: gray tone with a touch of lilac and the color proposes a new vision for the violet, another neon heritage. Thus the union between the sobriety of gray and violet magic presents a curious mixture, leaving environments as more pleasant rooms.

Of course, there are numerous other color options available, not only from Pantone, you can use. In the own environment of the galleries, we realized other tones and expressive textures such as brown, teal and pink, and the mixture between them can result in amazing spaces.


In addition to color trend, we also prepared some decorating tips for you to insert the soft neon in your home:


Painting the walls is one of the points that stays longer in an environment. So it is interesting to think of a nice color to the eyes from becoming cloying with time. With the soft neon, the risk of exaggerating the color mixture is smaller, but it’s still interesting to apply it sparingly.


For those who do not want to risk the paint, you can also play with the soft neon in decorative objects. Placing frames and moldings on the walls are a good option because they renew any environment with its colors and figures, and are easy to hang and clean and change, if you like to keep your environments within trends.


Whether in classic decor or more contemporary styles, the pots are always high. The coolest thing is that, besides the possibility to paint them with shades of soft neon and ensure a light and natural aesthetics, especially plant spider veins. It can take various forms, which further modernizes the environment. There are also easy templates to make at home, or you’ll have a great creative freedom when it comes to playing with this item.


Another item that can transform a room with its color and design is the chair. Materials such as plastic and acrylic generally already have colored and fall very well in more modern pieces. With wooden models, you can also renew the paint and leave the chairs with a new face, and, of course, leaving her more cheerful and delicate environment.


A more daring and fun way to decorate using neon is with signs. Made with glass tubes and fluorescent staining gases, neon signs are characteristic of hipster establishments, irreverent and alternative lifestyle and can be purchased ready-made or ordered size. Betting in play is to bet on a full of personality environment.

As depends on the interior design, the year 2016 will be full of harmony, tranquility and modernity. Adopting the soft colors for your environment looks like a good idea, right? Share your thoughts here in the comments.