Solar Heating

Imagine an abundant supply of energy that you can use to heat your bath water, the swimming pool and not pay anything for its use, a source of infinite energy that renews itself each morning and that does not cause any form of pollution to the environment.

Solar Heating

Yes, this is the solar energy that can be captured and used as a source of heating through a system of capture and storage and the pipes that lead the hot water to your destination.

The cost of Installation of Solar Heater

Unfortunately the initial investment for the installation of the solar heater is not yet within the reach of all, the average cost for heating residential solar varies between R$ 4.000,00 thousand and R$ 7.000,00 reais, according to the model of the heating plates and the size of the household. However, even with a high investment for its installation, this system pays for itself quickly, as the annual savings in energy reaches 70%.

Do the math, if on a monthly basis you spend$ 200.00 actual account of light, in 12 months will be R$ 2.400,00 actual annual energy costs. With the solar heater that account reduces to R$ 720,00 real savings of R$ 1.680,00 real that in less than 5 years the solar energy system will be paying off and will generate a significant energy savings for your pocket and for the planet.

How it Works the Solar Heating System

A collector system enhances the warmth of the sun’s rays and transfers the heat to store heat (boiler), which distributes the hot water at the time of use.

The collectors may be common with coils and insulation with glass wool, or even a solar collector the vacuum that expands the heating that can leave the water at a temperature of 100 ° C, however it is a system more expensive and more labor.

Already the thermal container may be of low or high pressure with volumes up to 15 thousand liters, in residences are employed reservoirs smaller with 200 litres of storage capacity.

Many people have doubts regarding the effectiveness of the system on cloudy days or rainy, in this case the solar energy system receives the support of a heating complement which can be electric, gas or wood burning heating. When the temperature of the water is not ideal for the bathroom, on rainy days the thermostat activates the secondary system. That is, there is always a guarantee of water warm for bathing.

Low-Cost Solar heater

In Brazil, an initiative of the NGO called the Society of the Sun proposed a low-cost solar heater, which according to the coordinator of the project Eng. Electronic Augustin Woelz can be built by anyone, with minimal training.

The project was born with the ECO 92 at the request of the Sebrae, the main funder, were 10 years of research until the launch of the prototype in 2012 with the theme “A solar heater for each household”, made in PVC tubing has managed to a savings of 85% compared to traditional heaters. (Source: Gazeta do Povo)

The low-cost solar heater available on the website of the Society of the Sun, the NGOS account with various instructors around the country that make the orientation of who you want to install your solar heater, since the patent is open, meaning anyone can use the idea of the NGO without paying anything for it.