The Biggest House in Brazil

Dethroning the mansion built by banker Joseph Safra, in Morumbi, until then the largest house in Brazil with about 11,000 thousand m2, the new mansion, the brazilian has almost 18 thousand square meters, larger than the Morumbi stadium if you consider your outside area.

The Biggest House in Brazil

The largest house in the Brazil is the residence of a major shareholder of the TV Network, Amilcare Dallevo, his wife, the tv presenter Daniela Albuquerque and the couple’s daughter Alice, in addition to the dogs of the family.

The couple has even order a project to the architect centennial of Oscar Niemeyer, but his proposal modernist, concrete, displeased Daniele. Published by the News Portal IG, Daniela wanted a house in a more classical style, according to the presenter, they hired an architect, but who decided to all were they, the architect JUST DESIGNED! – What to say after that?

Well the project conceived by Daniela and Amilcare has 2 blocks, with a huge garden in the centre, these blocks are united by a passage in the basement that also houses 50 covered parking spaces.

To a total of 18 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms, only the double bedroom has 1200 m2, the house has a cinema with 50 seats, a tank 8 meters long, a heated indoor pool and one outdoor, 2 helipads and a hangar for 8 helicopters. And each one has a living area of the home office of 90 m2.

Its location is close to the company TecNet, also the property of Amilcare, in a closed condominium of luxury, Alphaville 9 in Barueri, near são paulo capital.

To be criticized by a variety of means about the exaggeration of the work, Dallevo said to the reporter, Daniel Bergamasco (See Magazine), March 2012 edition, which works since 12 years old almost 12 hours per day, and if I wanted to make a house the size of the Morumbi stadium would do. Well, he really did, and now it is the biggest house in Brazil.

Most of the mansions brazilian has up to 2,000 thousand m2 of built area, with the exception of the house of Amilcare Dallevo and banker Joseph Safra.

For comparison, the largest house in the World is located in Mumbai in India and has 37 thousand m2, cost nearly 700 million dollars and has been valued at 1 billion dollars this year.