The Lamp That Brings the Moon to our Home

It’s called Moon and is the new lamp by Oscar Lhermitte, who has seen fit to bring the moon into our homes and not just to the shape of this lamp, but also for what it manages to recreate the environments in which we choose to place it. The designers, along with Kudu London studio, has used the scientific data from NASA to reflect, in an exact every small detail so he can boast of having the moon in our home. It is not a figure of speech.

Moon is a table lamp from that is an exact three-dimensional reproduction, scale from 1 to 20 million, the satellite that orbits the earth: it is a small moon in miniature, the same as the real one, that plays with esattevva craters, the curves of terrain, elevations, according to the data of NASA.

But it does not end here, because Moon does not play only the features of the real moon: the table lamp also has an LED light ring that rotates around the central building, illuminating the surface depending on the actual phases of the moon that we can see from the ground.

Ready to have the moon in your house?