The Wellness-Obsessed? a Short Shows His Haunting Dark Side

So where we are willing to fight against aging It is the main theme that is Connected, a short science fiction of just ten minutes that Pamela Anderson stars in and that has raised so many questions about the obsession with wellness and the influence of the latest technological advances in our lives.

Full of questions. So he left the short Connected, a futuristic reflection on this society obsessed with aging and technology. The protagonist, played by Pamela Anderson, is Jackie, a middle-aged woman obsessed by the ravages of the weather in your body over the years. In his crusade to bring a healthy life to the fullest just at a spa that promises to improve your mind, body and soul and where renounce everything to achieve that ideal of perfection.

It is only ten minutes, but ten minutes opened a thousand interpretations on this crusade by feel better about ourselves. Really is it worth? Do we obsess so much by feel good why we missing something? So much sacrifice, in this quest for perfection, really bring happiness? After seeing Connected I have not all clear.

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