Tips for Decorating Your Home for Halloween

In recent years, Halloween or as known Halloween is becoming more popular in our latitudes. Although not gained popularity this American holiday is celebrated in more people here. If you feel too grown-up to go around the neighborhood and collect sweets or do mischief you can mark the holiday in other ways preparing your home for him to meet the children who will surprise you with the words “goodies or harm”.

Before You Home

Decorate territory outside his home, to feel the spirit of Halloween. You can use artificial cobwebs large and scary spiders on them, skeletons, plastic tombstones, candles smokeless smoke machines, scary music, fake blood or whatever else you remember, but as long as it is in the spirit of the holiday. Consider options and how to meet children who will want a treat and you threaten to harm. You can dress in costume for the holiday, to put fangs and a hat of a witch or wizard. See Hackinghomestuff for balcony ideas. You could and can be dressed properly and daily. If the time you decided to prepare dinner for Halloween and does not want young children to be disturbed during collection, Consider whether it is appropriate to leave treats your front door, where children can take.

In the lower rows will meet with options on how to prepare your home for dinner on Halloween.

The Dinner Table

Table should be a focal point as you make dinner for the holiday. Consider not put on the table a variety of moves, which symbolize the holiday. Place artificial broom grandmother Yaga, artificial cobwebs with spiders on them, dry ice cubes, manuals for black magic, owls, owls, black ravens and other black birds and various types of candles. Instruments must be silver and chairs must be covered with a white cloth. Drinks tagged with “Poison” to enhance the effect of the holiday. On the table everything associated with the holiday. You can even close your lights to create a more terrible effect.


Halloween food must be creative and appropriately prepared for the holiday. You can serve gummy worms, caramelized apples, artificial brains and eyes, and a number of other similar goodies related to the theme of the holiday. You can make a sandwich-type hotdog, instead of sausage or sausage stuffing to put mimicking half cut snake. White chocolate can make bones, skulls and parts of his hands.

Another Decoration

For the holiday should decorate other rooms of your home, not just your kitchen where you will collect guests for a festive dinner. Transform part of your images so that if they have ghosts or other presence. Cover the rest of the house with a white cloth to give it even more ghostly atmosphere. You can decorate your home with old jars, surgical instruments, black or red flowers and the like. If darken and ensure there phosphor coating on any of the accessories will be good effect.

In the days of Halloween many of you want to skip the child and arranged in a way known only to adults. Below we will continue with the ways of main decoration of the house on occasion.

The Color Scheme

Choose a color scheme for the decoration on the Feast of All Saints. Not necessarily to use primary colors of celebration, namely orange and black. Purple has gained quite popularity in recent years and is used more often. Generally you can skip the orange and use trivial black and white, but shades of gray. You can use metallic colors to create a sense of party for adults. For a more modern look and broadcast use only gray and white, but avoid black.


What topic would you like Halloween? Want cemetery, party or witch house haunted? If you are not quite so scary, you can decorate your home with pumpkins and scarecrows several layout. Typical accessories in home decorating for Halloween are black feathers, black crows, pumpkins, homemade poison bottles, old books for spells, gargoyles, masks, black flowers, old medical instruments or even parts of the human body. Avoid putting candy, scary clowns and other items that detract situation.

Artistically Made Pumpkins

But to cut the pumpkin, why not think about this and give more artistic? If you want to paint pumpkins using black metallic paint or graphite shades. If you decide to cut the pumpkin, you can drill and drill a few holes in it to create a better effect.

Do not use mass decorations that are sold in stores for one lev. Omit the use of paper skeletons, small rubber bats, scary animals and other decorations. Larger decorations are more successful than smaller ones.