Useful Gifts for The Home This Christmas?: The Question of The Week

According to the latest statistics published the Spaniards, apart from reducing spending on Christmas budget than in previous years, we will spend our money mainly in useful gifts, detriment of others more personal but less practical. We would like to know if you are also following this trend, so that our question of the week ES:

Ye gifts for the House this Christmas?

Brands take advantage of these dates for different promotions: special containers, as see us in the image, added gifts… so maybe not bad idea in addition to kill two birds with one stone.

As always you can express your opinion in Decoesfera answers: do gifts for the House this Christmas? The coming week we will share with you the most valued responses.

The question of the week: do disposable or traditional dishes?

Asked last week about whether disposable or traditional dishes for the holidays seemed you better almost all the answers have inclined by the traditional. The most valued has been Yuyuy

< blockquote > I choose the traditional, the disposable can save us the work of wash it but also think of the environment, we cannot avoid generating waste, but perhaps less waste.

When meets the family at home I do not think at work which I then but as well that I spend it with them and that is worth worth, total, tackle that always wash there will be.

Already know that you can use our section of Decoesfera replies to raise your decorative doubts the community, insurance that will help you to resolve them.