Using Beef Fat for Cooking

Using The Beef Fat

Beef fat is mostly regarded in Germany only as a waste. It is the fat that you need to browse the sauce, if the sauce does not taste. Although beef fat is rather unknown for frying, it is used in many ways

  • A raw beef fat uses is the manufacture of soap or candles.The law firm consistency of the grease is used.
  • Also for cooking and grease from cooking meat is used – the plum pudding English, for example, is inconceivable without beef fat.
  • In the cradle of French beef fat is used for frying for a long time.The high boiling point of the frying fat made possible because at that time there was no fry hardened. Of the natural origin of beef fat fat is the only thing that is easily adapted for frying.

Good or bad?-Animal Fat For Frying

  • For beef fat: beef fat is ideal for frying and in this day and age, you should not let laboriously again, it can be purchased in stores.Unlike hydrogenated vegetable fat, it is natural and not chemically treated. The high smoke point of beef fat used for cooking at high temperatures, without the fat that is bad. This is not possible with virgin oil, butter or margarine.
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Belgian French-recipe

For chips in the taste of real Belgian fries, you…

  • Beef against fat: beef fat is a product of animal origin, and if you fry for vegetarians, they are not as fat.Even beef fat in Germany is often difficult to obtain or requires some preparation if you must order the fat from the butcher and leave home to get fat for frying. Pure beef fat tends to foam. Refined beef fat has an additional anti-foaming action is then naturally pure. Since the beef fat is an animal product, have many reservations about it – especially if the animal disease in the news again.
  • Good and bad: beef fat has a taste of its own, which is also delivered to the food.This makes for an attraction, they appreciate the aroma when fat beef was used for frying. Others find this property evil, even disgusting.

If you are not vegan, you should beef fat for frying try at least once, because the taste of beef fat in Fry is incomparable.