Veli Photovoltaic Indoor Lamps – Animals

Size: H50 cm (measured u/spear)
Brand: Veli Line
Color (s): stainless steel w/transparent animals
Dimmable: No
Light source: 2 x LED built-in
Comments: Incl. rechargeable battery

Veli Photovoltaic Lamps-Animals

Veli Photovoltaic Lamps
Super cute photovoltaic lamps with 2 animal: Dragonfly and Butterfly (one of each in the package).
The light in the animals change color automatically.

2 solar lamps per package.
Solar cell sits on top.

Veli Photovoltaic Indoor Lamps

Advice for solar lamps:

IP44-can be used indoors and out.
Easy installation, requires no wiring.
Avoid minus degrees.

Take them into the fall and would like to replace the batteries.
Lights generally half as long as it gets Sun.
Blinking light, then replace/recharge batteries.
1. Charging should be 36 hours without light.
-To let the batteries all the way up from the start.