Vintage Mirrors Frames

Long time ago, decorating bathroom was something abnormal or “rich people thing”.

Vintage Mirrors Frames

Magazines and professional decorators encourage that you can make a beautiful design for a place in your room where people may frequently visit. Perhaps a visit can happen to your room, the service area or the kitchen, and it is important to make that place beautiful and charming. Frames for bathrooms can help make the space even more beautiful.

Unfortunately not every bathroom combines with the use of frames. The wall needs to be wide, as well as wide space and good lighting. Ideally, a wall of at least 1.50cm in width and two meters in height have an optimum viewing. It is also a good tip to position frames on the wall against the mirror of your sink, or don’t put many things on the largest wall. It’s not common to use frames for bathroom, but if you can select and install properly, it will makes your room much more elegant.


Some people select frame themes according to the space. It is a way to never miss the selection of frames,such as put food in the kitchen and paintings of landscapes for living rooms. Following this line, the bathroom should have something with the theme bathroom. That’s why we say: there is no right or wrong theme for his painting to put in bathroom. If you have a suitable frame and the space is large, it is nice to put couples and family photos on it.

Frames with flowers are the most suitable for such spaces, but if you like drawings of landscapes, plants or people, you should consider it seriously whether they can match with the theme of your decor. The secret is about color; avoid the colors which are never appear in the drawing. If your bathroom is all-glass, a suggestion is to paint it in black on white. Only a tree without leaves in black and white makes the space different, right? And this is very creative.

If your home decor is geek style, why not bring this topic to the bathroom? It can be decorated according to the themed films with posters, book covers and even pictures of their favorite characters in comics, or manga covers, all of these are very cool and different. Customization of an room is a great secret of a perfect decoration.


The best designers of the world can be taught, but the rule of thumb is learned when you like and don’t feel uncomfortable as watching the pictureMost viewed sites say that frames in bathrooms should be put above the toilet. Next to the pocket mirror is also a good tip, and you can decorate two frames if your sink is large and you have enough spare room.

In American-style bathrooms, the area above the tub is not widely used but actually it can serve as support for a higher shower, properly covered with glass or film.