Vinyl Floors-Advantages and Disadvantages

Currently the customization of the residential environments has become even more easy thanks to their vinyl floors that are trend in the construction market. Until then the vinyl floors were much employed in business environments, but of a time now many brands have created special collections for the residential use.

Vinyl Floors-Advantages and Disadvantages

Vinyl Floors

A Carpeted Recyclable

One of the biggest advantages of this flooring is the fact that it is manufactured using recyclable materials, such as PVC. And in addition to being environmentally friendly to the planet is a floor suitable for children and animals to be non-toxic and hypoallergenic.

A Carpeted Customizable

Another feature that makes the vinyl flooring is the darling of architects and designers is their ability for customization, is a floor that allows clippings, so to form patterns with the different colors of the floor. In addition to dispense with the use of gaskets between the environments, which gives an appearance of unity between the spaces.

It is common to see the vinyl floors used in various interior projects, or in exhibitions such as the House Color. Where are presented the novelties of the sector of decoration.

Strength and Durability

The vinyl floors are widely used in commercial spaces, especially in hospitals, precisely because they did not have expansion joints and be an option that is more hygienic and easy to clean. But, it is also used in offices, schools and other places of large circulation, since it is a floor sturdy and comfortable.

Some brands such as Tarkett offer up to 15 years warranty, which is a factor of weight, after all if you are going to invest to put a floor in your house or apartment you need to be sure that it will last. Imagine spending to put a floor and it does spoil in less than a year? It is necessary to be aware of and do the installation of the floor according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Thermal and Acoustic properties

Anyone who lives or works in buildings knows that one of the biggest problems is the noise caused in the slab, only a few buildings projects include acoustic solutions appropriate to minimize the noise in the slab.

When stepping on the vinyl flooring it is possible to verify that the noise levels are extremely low, it is a soft floor, which avoids that “toc toc” of shoes and absorbs also the noise of the objects when they fall on the floor.

It is also a floor that provides a thermal sensation pleasant, eliminating the need to use rugs to solve the problem of the floors “ice cream”, just in function of their thermal properties.

For being a soft floor, depending on the quality of the flooring and the manufacturer it can be marked for the furniture, or suffer damage by the use of stiletto heels or sharp objects.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

The vinyl floors are super practical they are installed, can even be installed over other floors, provided the surface is flat and clean. For the fixation of the floor is more recommended to use glue acrylic, indicated by the manufacturer. In the case of malfunctions in the floor, it is possible to trim the part defective and replace easily, since the floor does not need joints.

The vinyl flooring is not suitable to be used in the area are wet or humid, such as bathrooms, or in outdoor areas.

To clean the vinyl flooring the most appropriate is to use a neutral soap and a damp cloth, do not require extensive maintenance, it is necessary to have care with corrosive products, petroleum derivatives such as kerosene, paint thinner, etc.

Even though it is not indicated for installation in wet areas, it is possible to wash the floor after its installation, provided that it is not subject to moisture for a long period of time.

Vinyl flooring or Wooden Floor?

Today, often what seems is NOT! The vinyl floors are getting so good and with such quality that it is difficult to look at this and say if it is wood or vinyl, this is because many brands manufacture floors with slots and drawings identical to those in the laminated flooring wood.

Only when the people of pisa who comes to realize that the floor is or is not of wood, because vinyl flooring is quieter. Both have their advantages and disadvantages if the option is a floor’s high gloss, I recommend the wooden floor, since the application of kerosene leaves the floor is mirrored, but if it is a carpeted matte the vinyl flooring is more quiet and durable than the laminated wood.

Vinyl Floors Where To Find?

If you are thinking of putting the vinyl flooring in your home or for corporate use is a good idea to know the Tarkett, since that is a world leader in the manufacturing of vinyl floors that the almost 130 years it has been developing quality products.

Tarkett has several environmental certifications and develops products that respect the brazilian legislation, ensuring a product that does not cause damage to your health.

The vinyl floors from Tarkett are found throughout Brazil, there are more than 900 resellers and the lines has factory warranty of 5 to 15 years.