Wall Clock for Children’s Room

Most kids have a favorite character they like. Eg you think Donald five years of Batman. We will now make a unique wall clock to Donald as all his friends will be jealous of …

To make this wall clock will need:

-A Affish, plansh or picture of Kalle’s idol.

– Plywoodskiva, Which becomes the foundation for the watch

– Movement and indicators.

– Wood glue (alternatively, does it with usual hobby glue )

Tools needed …

– Jigsaw

– Abrasives

– Drill

How Do You Go to wall clock.

  1. Find a subject that you know your child / children like. In our example, we used an image from a plansh with the Batman emblem motives.
  1. Purchase a plywood sheet having a thickness of about 6 mm. Wood species does not matter.
  1. Buy a clockwork and suitable needle . Movement and Needles are available in different models and different thicknesses on the disc.
  1. Use wood or craft glue and stick the design on the plywood sheet. Now let it dry according anvisningarr on the adhesive packaging. 30 minutes should be enough.
  1. Drill a hole through the nylimmade (now dry) disc where you want the center of the watch should be. Check carefully what the drill is suitable for your particular clockwork.
  1. Now it’s time to use the jigsaw (preferably a jigsaw that has fine teeth of the saw blade) and cut out your subject where it fits best. In our case, the choice of cut simply because Batman emblem is an oval which is easy to follow. Cut carefully so that no splinters tearing the glued subject. Sand with fine sandpaper around the edges.
  1. Attach the movement by bringing it into the hole on the back of the dial. Then attach the movement to the front with the locking ring that came with the package.
  1. As suggested by Everhomedecor, press the hour hand are on the front and your clock is complete.

Tip: Print a magnified photo of your family and make a family clock.