Wall Clock on Time

Make yourself a clock always seemed you insurmountable due to the complexity of the mechanism, if it isn’t! The mechanism, of course, remains very complex precision work, but you will not need to lean on his achievement. One finds in the trade of boxes already mounted to ten euros. Simply attach a pretty pair of hands and you just to design the dial.

Cut wood, papier mache, in recycling’, made from old clocks look… the possibilities of materials to build one framing are many. You need to just think about the weight, a too heavy dial could weigh on the axis of needles and twist it. Important not to overlook retail: the thickness of the dial. It must match the axis of needles. A too important game may distort them. Visit here for different types of clocks.

If the universe of the mechanism of watches fascinate you, you can also extrapolate this creative universe beyond the design of clocks to make furniture and decorative objects inspired by watchmaking: a notebook decorated with needles to write about time passing, filled with paintings of mechanism way cabinet of curiosity, an old pendulum rearranged in shelf…

One thing is certain, in the middle of all these creations, you won’t see time!