Ways to Reduce Energy Consumption In Your House

There are many ways to save electricity in a household.

As Consumes An Average Household of 4 People

  • Of course, the exact power consumption depends very many different factors, so it is not possible to make a general statement.However, there is a rough guide, which is 4500-6000 kWh. If you are clear on that you actually eat too.
  • The most important factor in your consumption einspielt is hot water.If you have a water heater, you should expect consumption 40% higher than would be the case with a comparable budget, which does not heat their water with electricity. With a family of 4, this is particularly important because the heating of water (eg for showering or washing hands) actually incurred for each person and can hardly be implemented.

To Reduce Your Energy Consumption

  • The larger the household, the greater the potential savings.This is huge for a family of 4. Your best weapon against the energy bill is to consolidate the process. It makes no sense, if you get something to eat, then your partner, then push your kids a pizza in the oven. If you are cooking a time for the family, the race plate hob and oven once and not three times.
  • Even the entertainment media can be useful to share.If each household member with you has its own television, the race may all devices simultaneously. It is more logical than to gather in front of the TV in the lounge.
  • The members of your family of 4 people can also control the other.If one of your children once more the light burn, you can disable it. For this, you can then assign it work to do this evening all electrical appliances with standby to take offline. So you can reduce your joint energy consumption.

Whose power consumption is normal and how to save energy?

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