Wedding Cake Decorated with American Pasta

Wedding without cake is not marriage! See below 7 Inspirations from cakes decorated with American paste!

 1 – Singeleza Is The Master Key

The wedding itself is a time full of delicacy and romanticism. The white color, besides passing the message of smoothness that the occasion asks, also leaves any extremely delicate work.

You can see that all the cake was mounted on top of the American paste without dye additive and the ornamental pearly details. This is a type of decorated wedding cake that is very suitable for traditional weddings.

2 – Romantic Classic

The flowers are always welcome in cakes decorated for weddings. In this case, the ornamentation with the couple made from biscuit mass also further enhanced the decor.

For being a model of cake more classic, the idea is to maintain the delicacy of the flowers and to always use species that refer to the romanticism. In the case of the image, the bride and groom opted for the conventional roses and kept the tones white and light pink to give more details.

3 – The Best Wishes For The Couple

That every couple deserves the best wishes on the wedding day, everyone already knows. This time the innovation and novelty also come from the cakes decorated for marriage. A mass in the color of chocolate and handwritten letters helped to make everything more beautiful and full of grace.

The color of the American pasta, as well as the letter can change according to the will of the couple, but see in the model below how the cake was beautiful.

4 – Small Detail

Do you know that story that the least is often more? This applies fully for a few moments and is taken seriously when it comes to producing simple yet well-decorated wedding cake. You have underneath a totally white cake, where the hearts could even go unnoticed if it were not a small detail: that pretty little red heart at the base.

The representativeness can be applied in several ways. The best of them, which can be given to the guests, is that it represents the heart of the bride and groom, filled with passion, among all the others, representing beloved families and friends.

5 – Little Pigeons

This is a wedding cake with American paste filled with feelings. Starting with the structure itself, all simple, and using some flowers as a detail. Birds represent several feelings.

It is the highest flight you are giving with matrimony, it is the purity represented by the animal and also the peace that every couple needs and wants in their relationship. Birds can be made from any material, but see how beautiful this is!

6 – Vintage Lace

Even if you do not choose to have a vintage-themed wedding, cakes decorated in this perspective match the occasion. See how the embroidery of this model is perfect! It’s a bet that will surely delight every one of your guests.

Keep the simplicity of every detail. You can also use gemstones instead of roses to give vintage air to your wedding cake. If you want to change color, always keep the tones nude, because they combine with the trend.

7 – Gold, Lots Of Gold!

This cake is a true perfection of detail and trend. You can even imagine that American briefcase is real gold and you just need a dye to transform it.

Just watch the details of the cake. Due to color, these should be simple, discreet and charming.

Each of the 7 models of wedding cakes with American binder you have above can be found at Realize that all focus on simplicity, since the intention is really this. Bet without fear!