What Heating System Would You Recommend?: Question of The Week

Now finally has decided to get cold and you want to be warm at home, we get to choose which heating system, so the question of this week ES:

Which heating system would you recommend?

Obviously, it is not the same having to heat a home in Asturias or lion that in Seville and Valencia, but there are different solutions for every need (central gas, diesel, electric heating, radiators, stoves, heating…) and for every taste a color.

So I invite you to leave your opinion in Decoesfera replies: would recommend which heating system? The coming week we will share with you the most valued responses.

The question of the week: Christmas decoration where is the limit?

Not have encouraged you much this week ask the limit in the decoration of Christmas, but we have had interesting responses as Carlos Alberto:

Well I can say, I home decoration nearly a month earlier, and I take my time, I keep all the decoration that I keep the rest of the year and replacing it at least in 50% Christmas-themed, this includes in addition to the tree and the Nativity scene; candelabra, several Christmas figures, garlands in the frames of doors and some pictures, dress lamp of the room according to the feast and in the end much more.