What Is the Best Finish for Painting Furniture

The inks have matte, satin and glossy versions.

Paint the room in the house means the renewal of environments without resorting to major reforms. Choosing the right product, however, goes beyond the choice of the favorite color of the paint. The details of the finish – it can be matte, satin (or semigloss) or brilliant – influence the appearance and durability of the paint.

For those who want to hide possible imperfections on the surface, the best option is the matte product. No shine, this version ensures a uniform appearance to the areas. However, it is easier for the proliferation of fungi and can have dirt and get spotted more easily.

The satin paint, in turn, presents strong resistance to washing and prevents the appearance of mold. Besides being a version that usually disguises small wall defects, this ink provides a satin appearance to the surface, ie, an appearance “silk”.

Resistant to climatic variations and recommended for use in doors and windows, paint bright do not allow errors in the time of the paint finish – one last coat in the opposite direction already makes a difference, after all, the product enhances any imperfection.

After choosing the ideal finish for you, remember to also consider the performance of the ink, the location and climate of their region. Currently, there are given paint to the ceiling, for plaster and drywall to roofing and the coast. It could not be otherwise, offers these and other inks unmissable prices. Come in , make yourself comfortable and good shopping.

Do not Forget to Prepare the Surface

For an excellent result in his paintings, some care is needed, as the preparation of the wall. It is important you scraping the surface with spatulas, grip it and finally washing it in cases of stains and grease. Also you may need to apply preparer background, a product that has the responsibility to gather the loose particles.