What Is the Best Lamp for a Spacious Environment?

Lamps for large environments. Efficient light is the key!

Regardless of the goal, the lighting of a large space needs to be efficient and find the right product is a step ahead to save on energy costs, make the environment pleasant and offer the appropriate light for his use.

What Is the Best Lamp for a Spacious Environment

LED lamps are indispensable!

The LED bulbs can generate up to 95% savings when compared to other types. In addition to the savings on the electricity bill and the durability of the product that comes to be 3 times larger, they are easily found with a variety of sizes making it easy to choose the product proportional to their environment.

The right bulb for each type of environment:


With the same cost benefit, the A70 LED is a larger version of the lamp A60 (award-winning and certified by Inmetro). This is a practical choice, since it comes with socket E27 brazilian standard present in most of the houses.


  • Low power consumption
  • Useful life of up to 25 thousand hours
  • Without Ultraviolet radiation or Infrared
  • Ligament snapshot of the light


  • Lighting of large areas
  • Installation into light fixtures with socket E27

Rooms and receptions

The great thing about the pendant is that in addition to the ample lighting they are extremely decorative. They are also versatile, found in various designs, colors and sizes, and it makes the atmosphere cozy and elegant.


  • Variety in shades and sizes
  • Decorative applications and for internal use
  • Good distribution of light


  • Bars and restaurants
  • Living rooms and waiting


Industry and lighting corporate

The lamps and Tubular LED are developed with technology and functional design for spacious areas. They are economical in consumption and due to the stretchy design of your body reduce the quantity of lamps needed for lighting the total environment.


  • Do not need ballasts
  • Low electric power consumption
  • 60% more economical than fluorescent
  • Does not have mercury or lead in the composition


  • Sheds
  • Supermarkets
  • Bakeries


Public Lighting

I knew that there are already models of LED street lamps specific for public lighting?

These luminaires are designed to meet the luminous flux needed in areas external to resist the impact and vibration, to save on public spending, and last way longer than the incandescent, and fluorescent.


  • Easy installation and lasts up to 50 thousand hours
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Homogeneous illumination
  • Summit heavy duty aluminum


  • Squares
  • Monuments
  • Highways
  • Viaducts
I knew that LED Lamps require certification by Inmetro to be sold?

The certification by Inmetro ensures that the lamp will operate in a manner and on time as promised on the packaging, in addition to not avoid products that are harmful to health and the environment are marketed.

The LED bulbs from our factory, in addition to award-winning by the most important organs of regularization, have the permission of Inmetro to ensure the cost-effectiveness, durability and environmental responsibility with the consumers. Get to know our catalogs , and click here to be a reseller.