What Is Your Favorite Decorative Style?: Question of The Week

Once again Friday, and as no, here we are, punctual, with question of the week, Where’d that all participate, and thus know what are your tastes in decoration.

So, the question is clear, simple and direct:

What is your favorite style?

Perhaps the colonial style that both triumphs in United States, perhaps classical style, or the always helpful minimalist. Maybe convinced you definitively the special’s Nordic-style or you simply like the contemporary, uncomplicated.

Whatever your favorite decorative style would love you to share your likes with us in Decoesfera answers: what is your favorite decorative style?. Among the answers, we will choose the most voted and will share it the week that comes along with the new question.

Answer of the week: in which golden age of design would you live?

Although not many have encouraged you to tell us at what time of the design you’d like to live, the answers have been the sea of interesting. Among them, the most voted has been this Safemen:

Difficult to answer, I think that since the end of the 19th century and during the 20th century there have been incredible times in terms of architecture and design are concerned.
Perhaps, and by staying with one, Choose le time of the Bauhaus, meet Aalto, Mies, Gropius… must have been an interesting time, shame the war who knows what else… would have given if the time and the subsequent.