What to Do to Stop the Wooden Floor Again

Hello, let’s talk a little bit of wood floors. Some people have asked me how to make the recovery of wooden floors massive, because with the time these floors end up scratching or wearing, especially those areas that are under furniture or in areas of movement.

What to Do to Stop the Wooden Floor Again

It is common to find apartments and houses older with parquet floors, tacos, and even wood floors in terrible conditions, the majority of people look for that carpeted the old, finished, full of dirt accumulated in the 500 layers of wax passed over the years and think: – do I Need to boot the entire floor and exchange it for a more “modern” such as a laminate floor.

Before this idea can pass through your head, wait! Do not do anything and read this:

“It is possible to recover the hardwood floor and leaves it brand new”

This is the biggest advantage of wooden floors solid, after all, hardwood floors are much more expensive than laminate floors are the most lasting, even though the laminate flooring is more scratch-resistant, the wooden flooring, the truth can be renewed, while the laminate ruined it already was.

So what it takes to restore the wood floor? Will depend on the damage of the floor, but if the case is the lack of brightness, the build-up of wax, and risks the solution is the sanding.

Has a plethora of companies that make sanding of floorboards and other wooden floors, in addition to sanding them apply the famous “sinteco” or varnish, to leave the floor as good as new.

You might even discover that below that floor dark and full of stains, there is a floor light that has been dimming over the years on account of the application of the varnish dark, or wax-colored. Moreover, waxes colored are terrible.

Once my mother went to the market and distracted bought a green wax, instead of buying a colorless wax, I think it was the Tacolac – something like that – it was a liquid wax very strong, instead sat as a glue and to remove after was terrible, we stayed a week in the remover of wax with steel wool to take all that green wax. This is the type of thing that causes the wood flooring to wear, pass the straw of steel, imagine.

My family always moved a lot, I don’t even know how many houses I’ve lived since I was born, but whenever we would buy a new house with wooden floor finished, contratávamos a company to do the sanding and the floor was brand-new, perfect, as if it had just been placed.

There was a house, a townhouse-style German with more than 80 years, which had a parquet floor all drawn, in the lobby of the park clear and dark formed geometric designs like flowers, gorgeous, and in the rest of the house the flooring is of parquet floor also had simpler designs, with border in the floor, a luxury. I’ve never seen a parquet floor so beautiful. After the application of the varnish the floor was so shiny that came to be mirrored, wonderful. In the time that we were in the house ever we need to go wax.

If you are thinking of doing the sanding or scraping of your old floor I would highly recommend, well worth it.

In the past, gave more work, it was a dust terrible, and the varnish takes to dry, but today there are many companies that do the scraping without powder and still apply the varnish of fast drying.

Wax or Varnish

As the natural wood is porous after sanding it is exposed and it is necessary to make the sealing with the resin, either wax or varnish.

Most of the people prefer the use of the varnish, as the wax of a certain work and requires removal and application constants, there are also those who even polishing the wood floor still apply wax, which is not necessary.

But, if the option is only the use of the wax I suggest the wax slurry, the liquid waxes on the wood floor sanded without lacquer can stain the pieces, wax, natural lacquer in the folder is a good solution to protect the floor from moisture.

Who gets the varnish as an option you can choose between a carpeted and mirrored, semi-gloss or even matte. Before you choose the varnish to talk with the applicator.

The following are the differences between the Bona and synteko construction, two brands of varnish that are no longer used in the recovery of the wooden floors.

Bonn or synteko construction?

Both are great products and both allow the matte finish, satin or even high gloss that from that mirror effect.

The Synteck is a brand that was born in Stockholm in 1945, after the second world war was launched the first product line, today synteko construction is present in the whole world, in Brazil we know the brand as “Sinteco” and many companies have added the sinteco to the name, with the application of sinteco instead of applying varnish to the floor.

The product of synteko construction the most used is the synteko construction Classic, a varnish compound with urea and formaldehyde, as well as the Super Synteco, they take longer to dry, has a strong smell on application, it does not allow retouching, but they are of high resistance.

However, the synteko construction has a line of water-based Vitta, with quick drying and has no smell on application, it has resistance to the sun’s rays and tolerance to the oil’s natural wood.

The synteko construction still has the line Polisyn, which is a resin-based polyurethane, can be applied not only to wood floors, such as in porous stones and floors in cement, network, 25 % more than the other products, they have high resistance and allows for retouching.

Already the mark Bonn who is also Swedish, appeared in 1967, but was little known here in Brazil, in recent years has invested in the training of professionals for the application of its products, and today the application of Bonn, making this the most successful, is a more expensive product, but also the most recommended by many applicators.

Has a series of products for the maintenance of wooden floors, but the strong are their varnishes, the main then the Bona Mega which is a varnish based on water which uses oxygen as a catalyst, after dry is 100% polyurethane which gives it high strength.

Suitable for areas of regular traffic, residential, maintains the natural texture of the wood and does not smell.

In addition to this, has the Bona Novia, which is the only environmental certification in the European Union by be free of NMP, a component that may cause toxicity at high levels. The Bona Novia has a low odour and quick drying, suitable for residential and commercial environments of normal traffic.

And still have the Bona Traffic that is developed for the high-traffic including sports courts, with greater strength, has no odor, does not create a risk of fire and is quick drying.

Maintains the natural texture of the wood and not yellow, as well as the other varnishes of Bonn has version high-gloss, satin and matte, this last finish, matte is almost unnoticeable, as if the floor was only with wax.

As a direct competitor of Bonn there is still the trademark Skania with similar characteristics and as a direct competitor of synteko construction we have the Cascolac that also has products on the base of urea and formaldehyde, but that also has a water-based product the Cascolac H2O.

Since there are many brands, with many products of different characteristics, the ideal is to consult the company who will run the service and ask how much to desired finish and the drying time of each product.

Before hiring make proposals, ask which product is used, if the applicator is certified, how long it takes to dry and if the product has a smell, this will influence in the price and more than that at your convenience.

Another tip is to ask for some references and go see previous work, to hire a good professional to do your service.

If you have any questions not answered put in the comments below and also tell if you liked it or not in the post I will love to have your feedback.