What to Know Before You Buy a Led Spotlight

The energy economy is one of the main reasons for the replacement of conventional lamps by LED lamps. LED technology is now available in all the formats of lamps, including reflectors that are widely used in external environments.

What to Know Before You Buy a Led Spotlight

You need to understand that the installation of a reflector is not equal to that of a traditional light bulb as the A60, and not look at the details in this transition is what makes a lot of people get it wrong at the time of purchase. Check out the top tips to choose the LED spotlight correctly.

First of all:

In which situation if you set up your purchase? You may be doing the retrofit, which is the replacement of reflectors fluorescent LED, or buying equipment for the lighting of a new space.


To replace old bulbs by new models, it is necessary to check whether the installation is suitable for the exchange and for the new model. One thing indispensable is to verify the equivalent power, always remembering that the numbers of power, flow and efficiency are different between fluorescent lamps and LED.

To new environments:

To install a new lighting it is important to have a project lighting as a basis, because from it you will need guidance on power, type, size and quantity required for an efficient lighting. In addition, the project will indicate the best places and safer ways to install the LED spotlight.


Tips for the right choice:

  • Buy lighting fixtures from trusted brands and are approved by Inmetro.
  • Check on the packaging the guarantee period, to perform the exchange if necessary.
  • Ensure that the installation will be safe and adequate so that your product last longer