When to Begin to Prepare The Christmas Decoration?: Question of The Week

But in department stores and general stores Christmas has begun, each home has its rhythm and its traditions. Mine only began to think of Christmas from the bridge of the Constitution always simple decorations, how to then walk Deconstructing and turning off lights at the go on vacation those days.

Así, the question of this week ES:

When to begin to prepare the Christmas decorations?

You are who you inauguráis the season at the same time begin to mysteriously appear toys ads on television? Or rather that you expect the last day to remove the box of ornaments and make a workaround? All your opinions will be well received in Decoesfera answers: when to begin to prepare the Christmas decoration?, among them that choose the most interesting with your votes so that share it the coming week.

The question of the week last: Robots of cleaning would are as useful as promise?

In general, your answers to ask if cleaning robots are as useful as they promise have been very positive, reflecting a wide acceptance of this product among the population, or at least among our readers. Morthylla says:

In my opinion are excellent because they avoid one of the major inconvenience of cleaning: back pain that causes a good vacuum cleaner as a Dyson that had before. Also forced to be a bit tidier, at least in terms of leave all lying on the floor.

Of course, they are not perfect, it all depends on how you clean: for who find joy in cleaning process perhaps a little superfluous, because one can be cleaned much better and faster with normal vacuum cleaners or simply sweeping. In addition they do not avoid having to shake.

On the other hand, do not you can use them on sofas, eat all the cables that are, the shoe laces and are able to destroy a carpet when they eat the tip.

But nonetheless, I already can not live without my roomba and it is so indispensable at home as a dishwasher. In fact I will take to my mother and my brother in Chile two I bought used.