Whimsical Wall Clocks

While I was serving my research to write this article on watches to hang on the walls of the House, I saw many different images, I found that there are indeed of every shape and color. Beyond the classical geometric shapes, including undocumented, and more or less Garish colors, I also bumped into watches really bizarre.

Having said that I think it be bizarre is a virtue, not a defect, I thought I’d go into that and I have grouped these watches details according to the environment for which they are intended.


  • 1 bizarre kitchen Clocks
  • 2 bizarre Watches for a living room or a study
  • 3 special Watches for a bedroom
  • 4 bathroom wall clocks

Bizarre kitchen clocks

Is the category most fun ever, because the shapes of these wall clocks are very many on PhoenixWallClocks for the kitchen decoration.

Nice line of clocks from the wall where the hands or chest are in the shape of a spoon and fork. This is a very cute idea in my opinion can be very suitable for a contemporary style kitchen, whereas the forks and knives are often made of steel.

Very funny I am, then, clocks that have the shape of different foods. From good Italian, I was particularly struck by the clock in the shape of a slice of bread and pizza-shaped covered with cheese. I don’t think, though, that I could buy one, because they’re so realistic that I would want to eat them.

Bizarre watches for a living room or a study

In this case, the choice is really quite large, and list all categories of these watches would be too long. I have particularly impressed especially the watches dishes that look three-dimensional, whose shapes range from an open can of paint which seems to run off the painting, in what appear to be broken and show the gears.

Special watches for a bedroom

In the case of these watches to hang, I found particularly enjoyable those animal or flower, such as a hedgehog or a Daisy. In this case there are many colors and materials to be listed, but know that if you’re looking for a nice watch for your baby there really so many types.

Bathroom wall clocks

I understand that the idea of hanging a clock in the bathroom may seem really strange. Initially, that’s what I thought too, but then I thought about it and considering I often do the hot bath and that sometimes, for this reason, risk of failed to my appointments, I decided to put a clock in the bathroom too.

I found it very nice, among others, hanging clocks in the shape of a non-slip mat and those that look like a hot water bottle.

In short…

Apart from some odd wall clock types too, which is probably not would you buy solely related to your personal tastes, if you are creative and original I suggest you do a Web search on these watches, because you’ll find really many that are special and you would expect to find for you, especially depending on where you decide to hang them.