Why Choose Vinyl Flooring?

Simple: the coating stands out in several ways, such as higher thermal and acoustic comfort.

Install vinyl flooring in the rooms of your home and you certainly will start praise and more praise from visitors. The coating provides comfort and, being made ​​of PVC, it becomes easy to clean, resistant and very durable.

Being heat, the vinyl flooring retains the pleasant temperatures in the rooms. Its acoustic power also stands out as much as the fact that he has technical classification flameproof and antiallergic.

Who is adept to modern decor will be thrilled with the many variations of the product. In addition to the color choices, there are models which mimic textures such as wood, marble and stones.

Different Applications

The vinyl flooring has these versions: blanket, plate and blade. The blanket is sold in meters and its use is only recommended for homes. This is the same indication for the type plate, marketed, as its name suggests, in varying sizes boards. Since the blade model available in shades of wood, it can be used both in homes and in shops because it is stronger thanks to its thicker thickness.


Recommended for indoor environments, the three models should be installed with the help of a professional. All can be applied over a subfloor or on other types of coatings.

The three versions are found in glue and self adhesive system. The blades in turn, are also sold under the click technology, new method which uses no glue and whose installation is done by fitting the parts.