With You But without You, The Love Letter That Has Become Viral (And Everybody Loves!)

Posting something to the internet today carries a risk (so): that is become something viral at the speed of light and without knowing very well why. And now we are faced with a love letter which published the Canadian writer Isabelle Teissier a few days ago and that it has turned to the world. The reason? May be situations in which prepended us, the ideal ratio of master that narrates the protagonist or most of the population is lack of love and he clings to a burning nail.

But the truth is that his words have made that many want to share their lines and they continue longing for love call at your door, you take it to twinkling which officer and gentleman or Cupid’s once for all launch their arrows correctly.

I want to be single, but you

I want to you go to have a drink with friends, so the next day you have a hangover and ask me to go to see you because you want to have me in your arms and that we acurruquemos. I want to talk about on the bed in the morning all sorts of things, but sometimes in the afternoon; I want everyone to do what they want during the day.
I want to speak to me on the nights that you go with your friends. Tell me that there was a girl at the bar who put you eyes. I would like to send me messages when you’re drunk with friends that tell me crap, just so you can be sure that I am also thinking about you. I want us to laugh while we make love. That I start to laugh because we’re trying new things and they make no sense. I want to be with our friends, so I pick up the hand and take me to another room because already not you can suck it up more and you want to make me love there itself. I want to try to stay silent because there are people and we can hear.
I want to eat with you, that make me talk about myself and that you talk about yourself. I want that we discuss what is better, the North Coast or South coast, the Western District or the oriental. I want to imagine the apartment of your dreams, knowing that probably never live together. I would like to tell me your plans, those who have no feet or head. I want to amaze me saying: “Take your Passport, we”.
I want to be afraid with you. Do things that would not make with anyone more, because I feel safe with you. Go home very drunk after a good night out with friends. So I pick up the face, Kiss me, use me as your pad and I hold very strong night.
I want to have your life, so you decide to go you travel a few weeks on a pure whim. So leave me here alone and bored, wishing you jump your face on Facebook saying “Hello”. I don’t want to I would always invite your sprees, and don’t want invite you always to the mine. So the next day I can tell you how was the night and you can tell me yours. I want something that is simple and complicated at the same time. Something that makes that, often, ask questions myself, but, at the moment who is with you in the same room, they disappear all doubts. I want you to think I’m pretty, you’re proud to say that we are together.
I want to tell me I love you and, above all, to tell you I you. I want to let me walk ahead of you so you can see how it moves my ass from side to side. So let me scratch the windows of my car in winter because my ass is contonea and that makes you smile.
I want to make plans without knowing if in the end we will make them. Be a clear relationship. I want to be that friend that you love to stay. I love that you keep having the desire of tontear with other girls but I look to me to finish the night together. Because I want to go home with you.
I want to be that which you do you love and then you stay asleep. Which leaves you alone when you are working and love that when you get lost in your world of music. I want to have unmarried life with you. Because our life partner would be just like our lives of singles now, but together.
One day, you will find

What do you think?