Worry Less That Comes and More by How Tea Want to Eat

Film collective from Barcelona CANADA It examines the sexual impulse in the short “Crème Caramel” in a completely unusual way: turning a simple dessert into an erotic ideal. And not only his vision so fresh and natural to the female figure, love also the concept that we are all entitled to us to devour again.

Already said that Police in Every breath you take: When you’re in love with someone, you are in love with each small part of that person and all the gestures that form it. With the silhouette of her hips, with the shade of your hair, with the way that moves when you breathe… It is the succession of all and every detail that is formed that makes us desire it and not only the person. And that is the idea that have wanted to capture Nicolás Méndez, Lope Serrano, Oscar Romagosa and Alba Barneda, members of the collective CANADA, with the Creme Caramel short that you can see here:

The aim was to treat of capture the vision of the female body from the point of view of a heterosexual man, a sweet, tender and extremely nice shape. Hence the idea of using the metaphor of a dessert as a shaky flan and which makes the delights from all over the world, even before eating it. The BSO, “La Femme Ressort”, is the French band La Femme and the beautiful illustrations of the own Serrano. A vision so tender and nice desire that want to taste it again and again.

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