Yeongwoo Kim… Korea Green Designer

Yeongwoo Kim It is a Korean designer willing to design and interior design are completely ecological. With this obsession has achieved many awards and recognition inside and outside their country. You may as well of first not sound you name, but if I tell you that he is the originator of the famous Pouring Ligh, surely you recognize him immediately.

Today’s design is made from a gate of ancient Korean wood of a hanok (houses of wood and paper). The KDoor Chair It is a beauty, first because the wood traditionally used in Korea are spectacular: sesame, Korean bamboo… and made of ancestral nougats, are frankly decorative.

The problem is that they are discarded to replace them with other materials modern doors, so Yeongwoo Kim decided to recycle them in these original chairs. According to the Korean Designer:

It is the responsibility of designers to maintain the environment and tradition.

To my remind me of the pews of the confessionals would you think the? Yeongwoo Kim ecodesign?