American Cuisine Professional Tips, Photos and Measurements

American Cuisine: Professional Tips, Photos and Measurements

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Hello, my name is Fernanda Knopik and today it is American cuisine and I will give you some important tips when planning your kitchen so that it is functional and practical! Come on?

American Cuisine Professional Tips, Photos and Measurements

Today’s plans for American cuisine are on the rise, reflecting a new lifestyle where cooking has gained the social area of ​​the home, no one wants to be isolated in the kitchen, people want to be together sharing this moment .

Cooking has gained another status, no longer a mandatory, daily and exclusive domestic task for women to be something casual, fun and shared by all.

This domestic social revolution was reflected in the kitchen projects that came to the social area of ​​the house, whether in small apartments or large mansions American cuisine is already a consolidated area next to the living and dining rooms.

Although apparently a consequence of modern life, American cuisine has roots in the tradition of the homes of the interior.

I who have family in the extreme south of Santa Catarina grew up watching people gather around the wood stove that heated the house while we waited for the sweet potato bake. “Uhm … it even made my mouth water to remember.

The kitchen was a meeting point of the family already in the time of my grandparents and continues being until now, but now even more integrated with the house.

Gourmet Kitchen

The gourmet kitchen is nothing more than an American kitchen and is called that when there are two kitchens, a traditional one in a room and the other located in the social area of ​​the residence.

Precisely because in the large residences that enjoy domestic services the projects include two kitchens, one that is used by the employees to make the food of the day and another gourmet in which it cooks sporadically for the visits in the social area of ​​the house. Many projects even have a small kitchen on the porch or open BBQ areas.

American Kitchen Project

Did you realize that I started the theme of American cuisine dealing with the relationship of people to the environment? In reality, this is the way to begin the architectural or interior design, always with an analysis of the relationship of people with their environment. In the case of the residents with their kitchen.

Thinking about the role of the kitchen in relation to the domestic and social life of the residents is essential to establish the Client Needs Program , to know how many friends they receive in the house, how often, whether the kitchen will be used for small or large meals, who will cooking, etc. In order to pre-dimension the furniture according to the existing area, with the demand for storage areas, cooking, cleaning and preparation.

That’s a big difference between prefabricated kitchens and planned American kitchens, in prefabricated kitchens cabinetry measures are standardized patterns that were made from the study of women of a certain height using the kitchen.

Already the kitchen is custom designed, made based on the residents, their stature and their need for space. You will be able to read a little more about this in a post I made about kitchen ergonomics . Just click the red link.

So the architectural or interior design professional will design the kitchen according to the need and desire of the clients and with the available area, this will generate a Preliminary Study with an American kitchen design model.

The last 3 images of this scheme below show American kitchens with island or peninsula and some recommended measures.

Models of American Cuisine

The American kitchen that many people imagine when listening to this term is that open kitchen with a bench with banquettes separating the kitchen from the living room. However there are other models of American kitchens, as long as it is open and visually integrated with the room.

For example, a linear kitchen open to the living room is also an American kitchen, as it is pictured below. Or an American kitchen with island from the next photo.

In fact it is possible to apply all models of kitchens to design an American kitchen, always taking into account the space and also the working triangle .

Let me explain what the working triangle is, it is an imaginary triangle between the stove (cooking), the sink (cleaning and preparation) and the refrigerator (storage), which facilitates the life of those who are cooking, as it allows an easy between the most accessed areas of the kitchen.

To better illustrate the kitchen models and how the working triangle works I suggest reading the post: Kitchen Models .

Small American Cuisine

In small apartments American kitchens may be a solution to the space problem, not that they increase the space in square footage, but they expand the perceived visual space together by being integrated with the room, making it appear that environments are more spacious.

The only issue is that the American kitchen by having an open face to the room loses useful space that could be destined to cabinets, summarizing if on one hand it offers visual continuity and widens the perceived space, on the other it loses area that could be destined storage.

Of course, nowadays with a supermarket or grocery store “in every corner” does not have much space to store products, it is no longer necessary to have a store full of products.

But in the planned and small American kitchen design it is good to take good advantage of all the available corners, including the bottom of the countertop as a cupboard.

It is common for small American kitchens to have countertops for meals, in compact apartments they even end up replacing the dining table. In this case it is possible to choose a low bench with chairs instead of using high stools, so that people will have more comfort when sitting and can spend more time at the table.

For fast meals, use of the high bench can be interesting if you have a dining room with table and chairs.

See this diagram that shows the correlation between the ideas heights of the benches and tables of the kitchen and the chairs and stools.

In small kitchens there are no clear rules, everything will depend on the space available, check out the next link plus tips for small American kitchens .

American Kitchen – Decoration

The style of the American kitchen has to be well thought out, after all as it is integrated with the living room it is not good that the American kitchen gets that face of traditional cooking. The use of straight lines and hidden knobs may prevent kitchen cabinets from becoming evidence, especially overhead cabinets.

The floors of the kitchen and living room do not have to be the same, but using the same floor is positive to give visual continuity between the environments and favor the feeling of amplitude.

Nowadays there are many options of coatings that can suit the kitchen and the room perfectly, porcelain tiles, stones and even the wood itself can be used in both environments.

As for the wall coverings there are numerous options including wall stickers, blackboard painting, among others. It is not necessary that all kitchen coverings be waterproof, just behind the stove and sink.

Utensils and appliances can be a part of American kitchen decorations, and several kitchen appliances such as KitchenAid and Cadence make interesting dishes to decorate the kitchen.

American Kitchen – Before and After

Taking advantage of the challenge I brought a nice video of the Architect Marcelo Melhadofor the magazine Minha Casa , where he presents one of his American kitchen projects in which he uses economical solutions that completely transform the look of the old kitchen of a family residence. It is worth checking!

American Cuisine – 50 Photos

Now, stick with an incredible selection of pictures of American kitchens for all tastes and styles!