Box spring beds under € 500 

Box spring beds under € 500 

If the purchase of a box spring bed is planned, prices are first compared to find the right offer. Especially on the internet but also at the furniture discounter you can find box spring beds more and more often at apparently outstandingly low prices. On the other hand, providers with prices of over € 1000 for a box spring bed seem to estimate unjustifiably high profit margins. How can the pricing policy be so different for products that are at least at first glance very similar?

In any case, it is worth taking a second look at the corresponding box spring offer. For customers without specialist knowledge, the difference in quality is often not clearly recognizable, which is why we would like to give you some pointers here with which you can quickly and easily separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to box spring beds. If you compare the details carefully, you will quickly come across striking differences in quality or hidden price traps.

1. What exactly is being delivered?

Some supposed box spring beds are not real box spring beds at all if the individual components are analyzed precisely, but only correspond to them in terms of appearance. The “spring box” (box with springs) is missing in these beds. In the case of very cheap box spring beds, for example, there is often not a single spring in the lower box, it is just a fabric-covered chipboard box with a foam cover. This cannot keep up with the good spring effect of a real spring box and has nothing in common with the structure typical of box spring beds with two spring systems lying on top of each other in the box and mattress.

Another strategy to keep prices as low as possible is not to offer everything that is shown in the prospectus or on the website. The price often only includes individual components of the box spring system: mattresses, toppers or the headboard shown must first be ordered as accessories. If you then add up all the detailed amounts, you are often back to a realistic and by no means lower than average overall price.

2. Quality of the individual components

This is about details that require background or specialist knowledge and are therefore difficult to assess by the customer. For example, not all springs are the same: wire size and gait (number of turns per spring) are of considerable importance for the quality of the suspension and the ultimate adaptability of the entire box spring bed. Thick spring wire is very strong and not adaptable enough, while springs made of thin wire break very quickly or lose their elasticity in the long run. With some box spring beds, the lying areas in spring box or mattresses are defined by thin and thick wire. However, for the reasons mentioned above, this leads to a significantly shorter service life of the box spring system.

In the case of a mattress , in addition to the above-mentioned properties of the individual springs, the number of built-in springs is of primary importance. Many springs make the mattress a bit firmer, but at the same time it can be adjusted much more precisely and is therefore more ergonomic. Conversely, a cheap mattress with a small number of springs does not offer sufficient adaptability.

It is also important to look carefully at the topper . In addition to the material and the thickness, the volume weight (often abbreviated as RG) is decisive for the quality. Often, toppers on cheap box spring beds with a maximum height of 5 cm are too thin to offer the body the necessary sinking depth. The only material available is very inexpensive PU foam, which due to its rather poor quality foam does not have satisfactory elasticity and durability. In the case of higher quality materials such as cold or viscose foam, foams with a low volume weight are often used, as these are significantly cheaper to buy, but have a significantly shorter service life.

3. Price traps

Since customers usually compare prices from different providers, dealers who want to disguise their actually high prices advertise with a very low starting price in a size that is rarely bought. Since box spring beds are rarely bought as a single bed, the price is advertised for the bed size 80x200cm, for example. If you choose the personal double bed size you want, the price curve rises very steeply and the box spring bed is no longer one of the cheapest of its kind, but is at a rather average to high price level. Such a box spring bed offer does not have to be bad in terms of quality – it is advisable, however, to compare the various offers in the desired size in order not to fall into a price trap.

Another cost obfuscation tactic of some internet retailers is unfortunately to incorporate so-called “hidden costs”. So the quite sensible offer is unusually cheap at first, if you put it in the shopping cart, horrendous delivery or processing costs are added, which cancel out the original price advantage. Here it is advisable to add the delivery costs when comparing prices.

Checklist for a sensible box spring bed offer:

Equipment and quality details – box and mattress:

  • Box with integrated spring system
  • Spring wire thickness of approx. 2mm (soft springs)
  • Springs with at least 4 coils, better 5-speed spring system (high elasticity)
  • Sufficient number of mattress springs (at least 100 springs for size 80x200cm, systems with 500 to 1000 springs offer very good lying comfort, consider weight recommendation)

Equipment and quality details – Topper:

  • Alternative to PU foam can be selected
  • Recommended volume weights: cold foam approx. RG 40, visco foam approx. RG 50,
    latex approx. RG 55 (the higher the better)
  • Height> 5cm

Offer comparison:

  • Have I compared the prices in the size I wanted?
  • Is the scope of delivery or the equipment identical?
  • How high are the delivery costs?

There is of course always the possibility of saving money when buying a box spring bed, but this is (almost) always at the expense of lying comfort and durability. When selecting the box spring range, only manufacturers who meet the quality standards listed in the checklist were considered. The average lifespan of our box spring systems is 10-15 years. The good lying quality of the various models can be tested in our showroom or in our partner hotel if you are interested .

Box spring beds under € 500 

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