Bradington-Young U.S.

Bradington-Young U.S.

Bradington-Young Logo:


Brand Facts:

  • – Bradington-Young, a division of Hooker Furniture, has been producing quality leather furniture since 1978
  • – Bradington-Young’s frames are then engineered from the finest multi-ply, 7/8″ laminated hardwood components that are precision machined for an exact fit to provide a lifetime of structural integrity.

Main Categories:

Chairs, seating


Time and place: 1978, U.S.

Early products: chairs, tables

Founder: Charles S. Young Jr.

Bradington-Young Furniture from U.S.

Headquarter Location:

Hickory, North Carolina

New Arrivals:


Price Range:

USD 500 – USD 6525

Worldwide Locations:

Across U.S.

Official Website:


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