Catalogue Ikea 2012 Now Available in United States

I would be lying if I do not say that for me, the time expected of every summer decoratively speaking (vacacionalmente is another issue) is the launch of the Ikea catalogue. If in Spain, we have to wait almost at the end of August, enterito online for enjoyment of decoadictos as we already have in United States.

It is possible that the catalogue that reaches your hands in September is very similar to this, you know that they adapt content to each country with some special touches. The motto in English & #8220;A home need not be large, needs to be smart“ following the ideas of previous years small and affordable houses taken advantage until the last mm.

Among the innovations, we have some new sofa and hundreds of new objects to decorate your houses, to a greater or lesser extent. You know that in the end, the key is to add-ins, which are what make each House special, right? Oops, already missing less to have between your hands the Catalogue Ikea 2012.