Cleaning Robots Are as Useful as They Promise?: The Question of The Week

These days I’m trying at home a couple of robots for cleaning, that soon I will compare for you, but since you now with the section Decoesfera answers You can ask questions easily, this week I’d like to know what you think of cleaning robots:

Robots for cleaning are as useful as they promise?

Because let’s face it, in ads and on paper, seem a miracle dropped from heaven that will let us forget sweeping the House (one of my archienemigas tasks), but my first experiences and relatives nearby, is that all that glitters is not gold, the thing has nuances.

Would love you to compartierais your opinion with us in Decoesfera answers: cleaning Robots are as useful as they promise? Remember the most valuable answer which you leave there, share it with you in the question on Wednesday for the coming week.

Answer of the week: what is your favorite style?