Conforama Opens Tomorrow Your Shop Online

It is always good news the opening of a new online store decoration, in this case that of a major brand, Conforama, to the chita silent, whereas the second global brand of furniture for the home, with more than 13,000 employees and a total network of 261 stores, including 203 in France and other 58 in six European countries distributed between Spain (nineteen establishments), Switzerland, Portugal, Luxembourg, Italy and Croatia.

The new store, opens tomorrow, October 31, It will feature more than 3,000 products at our disposal and will offer exclusive promotions in addition other than that can be usually found in the points of sale of Conforama.

The truth is that we had not heard any rumor, although Manuel Estevez, Director General of Conforama Peninsula Ibérica, has declared that

We have been developing the online store to get to all our customers, especially to those who do not have a shop near your place of residence and also as a complement to our points of sale

As welcome, our listing will extending, configuring for everyone and completing little by little: Zara Home, Maisons du Monde, Leroy Merlin, Conforama… Yes, the eternal question is when Ikea, but it seems that for that yet we will have to wait quite.