Connect with Your Facebook Account Decoesfera

Thanks to the hard work of our technical team each time it is much easier to participate in any of our publications. The last novelty that we bring you today is the power connect to Decoesfera, In addition to with your mailing address or OpenID, with your Facebook account.

In this way, all readers of our blog that you were not yet registered can you easily identify with your Facebook user, if so what want, to be able comment and participate all the benefits of the community. You will just have to click the icon that appears in the header, and follow the instructions, as we see in the image.

Those of you that already were registered, with OpenID, with e-mail and password, if you now want to through your profile on the social network, the system will create a profile alternative temporary. Then, on your user page, you must Associate This provisional profile to the already existing ones by clicking on the button “Associated account” and then entering your OpenID or e-mail and password, depending on each case data.

You can also directly click on “Enter”, in the header and the usual menu of identification, with the Facebook Connect option at the bottom will be shown. And if you remember just finished reading a post and the button above left you far away, don’t worry, also econtrareis another chance in the comments.

Not tell that we don’t so you easy, now already not find any excuse not to participate. Any questions or problems in using us leave a comment. And stay tuned, soon they will launch new features related to this that I sure you will love.