Cymbolism, a Project to Find out What Colors Convey Certain Sensations

Curious. Who read decoesfera know I’ve been talking about for a few days of the Feelings transmitting colors, as well, since yesterday ended, just today, I am in Home Rejuvenetion Blog a small application that looks for something, the colors that we identify with certain feelings.

It is of Cymbolism, a simple design website and that you intend to, for use in design make a relationship clear between colors and sensations. In some cases, if you dare to take the test (which I advance is heavy and is quite long) it is clear, as in the case of peace or nature, but in others not so.

It can be a nice project that participate if you like the decoration and also sure that it gives you ideas if you are looking for a color that transmits a specific feeling. That Yes, as you have just said, I recognize that it is a little long.