Decoesfera Launches Design


No, no you have the wrong site. Where you’re always, in Decoesfera, the meeting place for lovers by decoration.

What is happening is that today, as that is being done gradually in the rest of Weblogs SL publications, VEA. A design that has been renovated completely in its structure, being wider and groundbreaking, with more space for photos and text, making more comfortable reading and giving more chances to editors and readers. Because you, as you can see, also @judgejulez77 more prominence with the new design.

In addition, from now on will be you even easier vote your favorite post, in order to save them to your user page and have them always at hand.

Finally at the bottom of the page you will be offering post recommended and sections Decoesfera, interesting so you don’t miss any of our content.

Do not hesitate to let us know as whenever we release anything new we have tried everything runs well early on, but please, if you meet with any difficulty or can see that not something does not run correctly.

And attentive, because evaluating there will be another important novelty which we have long been working and that they are very excited. Until then we hope that follow enjoying the most of Decoesfera.