Decorative Week (CII)

Here we are again, as almost every Sunday, to share with you in our decorative week those blogs that have especially drawn our attention by their findings, your inspiration or interesting experiences in the last seven days.

  • The courtyard of the communication is very scrambled with the British and patriotic relief, but it is clear that the decor does not affect him. In fact until the Capetian mingle with the Plantagenets with no problem, as we see in this great work of workshop and a half in which Luis XVI could sit to drink tea of five supporting real behind in the Union Jack.
  • No doubt the event of the week, miniguerras apart, was the opening of Casa Decor Madrid. If you have thought to go through the capital to see it may be a good idea to leave it for the weekend of June 2, in which also the event Molavide 2012, where participating designers surely equal good will take place but still little known, as Rocío Olmo, regular on our blog. Bear in mind also the calendar of markets, so you can compose you a decorative weekend fledged.
  • We liked knowing that in the garden of Vicente inhabits a toad, who knows, perhaps an enchanted Prince. Work and pruning in the winter have worth, it smells of jasmine and roses are about to burst with blossoms.
  • In the House Be also smells of summer, those of his childhood in the grandmother’s House. For listening that smell decided to restore the table gave him avoiding painting, and instead using a role carved with infinite flowers. She says that if you stab inside nose and inhale vigorously yet you cannot perceive a strange, inexplicable, but similar to the summer scent.
  • We said goodbye to our ride with the usual compilation, although on this occasion more than collection is collection. They are the tea towels (Yes, say kitchen seems less important) that Oli has been gathering since the year 71, that gave him the first. It has over forty, from different countries, and also share with all a trick of cleaning to keep them free of stains.
  • By the way, remember that you can also share your tricks for cleaning in our question of the week in Decoesfera replies, we are looking forward to meeting them.

We said goodbye to our ride today, recordante, as always, if you also have a personal blog, or know one that you think is of interest for our decorative week, We’d love you to share it with us by writing to us through our contact form. Until Sunday coming.